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Before sending anything to us, please note that:

Manic Depression is a label dedicated to Post-Punk, Cold-Wave, Dark-Wave, Goth Rock musics…

We don't do punk, post-rock, metal, synth pop, psyche, industrial, experimental jazz or yukulele folk songs. So if you do, don't send us anything.

If you make music in the matching genres, we are not interested in your one and only demo song, we would listen to a full album.

We receive dozen of requests per week, we don't have time to listen to everything and we don't want to listen to music that we know won't fit the label (even if we sometimes do…). We don't have time to answer to everyone and we don't want to. Don't insist by sending a new mail every week, month, year. We surely won't politely answer to this one, so we don't.

No answer is already an answer.

Manic Depression is a non-profit association, run on a voluntary basis on our after job-family-real life hours. We have already quite a lot to do, you surely do. Don't waste anybody's time.

If we like your music we might answer you, maybe late, maybe with a negative answer… If your music does not fit the label, you should have known before…

If you still think that you can send us some music, don't ask us if you can send us some music, send it!

Streaming is easier than downloading. Make it short, efficient but personal and polite.

For the year to come, we will try to focus on our existing roster and existing agenda, but if you think your music really worth it, give it a chance!

N.B.: We speak french and english, that's all.



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Manic Depression

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