The Doctors

THE DOCTORS is a bass / guitar / keyboard / drum machine duet that blends influences from post punk and cold wave. Producing a condensed sound of industrial, cold and hypnotic, drawing its energy in ultra-fast beats and a powerful bass combined to a saturated guitar.

After several tours in France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany for their EP "dctrs2" published in 2013 and now sold out, they shared the autumn 2016 Mini Cave Festival in Münster (Germany) with Frustration, then the Black Bass Festival (Gironde, France) with Mondo Generator (QOTSA side project), Inspector Cluzo, JC Satan...

Their first LP "Unterwelt" played and very well received by the audience during these festivals is released in November 2016 on MANIC DEPRESSION RECORDS.

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Post Punk / Digipack-R - 7 tracks
(Manic Depression)



2017-02-02 : The Doctors on tour

23/02 Paris / La Méca
24/02 Brest / Rock Cirkus
25/02 Rennes / Bar Hic
03/03 Bochum / avec Lenanon Hanover
21/04 Berlin / Cold Beat Berlin 
27/04 Marseille / Machine à Coudre
28/04 Nimes / Badabing
29/04 Ales
20/05 Bordeaux / Shade Fest
01/07 Lille / El Diablo

2017-02-03 :

Versacrum (IT)

Foutraque (F)

Muzzart (F)

CoreAndCo (F)

Blitz (F)

Sanctuary (CZ)

2017-12-13 : The Doctors on tour

18/12/16 Bordeaux w/ Here(In)

23/02/17 Paris La Mécanique Ondulatoire (FR)

24/02/17 Brest 150 Rock Circus (FR)

25/02/17 Rennes Bar'Hic. (FR)                           

02/03/17 Liege (BE)

03/03/17 Bochum w/Lebanon Hanover (GER)

20/05/17 Bordeaux Shade Fest (FR)

02/07/17 Lille El Diablo w/Charles de Goal,  (FR)

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