Gitane Demone

Gitane joined art-punk band i n 1980 Pompeii 99 after answering an ad placed by Valor Kand. She joined Valor's band and the pair also become lovers, giving birth to a son, Sevan, in 1984, and later a daughter, Zara. Gitane stayed with the band when it joined with Rozz Williams to become the new line-up of Christian Death, 1983. Gitane split from both Valor and Christian Death in 1989.

Gitane may have had an obvious background in punk and deathrock/gothic rock, but she also had a passion for jazz and a number of legendary female vocalists, most notably Billie Holiday. Her visual image was no less intriguing, a rubber-clad S&M look the order of the day, with the fetish theme carried through into her lyrics (Demonix).

Gitane released a couple of EPs early in her solo career (eventually collected on the compilation Facets In Blue). She then renewed her friendship with former bandmate Rozz Williams, touring together and then recording an album "Dream Home Heartache" in 1995 which included both cover versions and their own material. She then paired up with Mark Ickx to produce a full-length album, released under the name 'Demonix', around the same time

Gitane recorded an album of her own entitled "Am I Wrong?" in 1997. She also continued to provide guest vocals for bands on both sides of the Atlantic, and also released a compilation of the songs she sung in her Christian Death days. A second studio album, Stars of Trash (again self-penned, but recorded with the assistance of the band Dreadful Shadows) followed in 2000.

Picking up the guitar in 2000, she wrote a series of songs, and with her daughter Zara on drums, created the band Crystelles. She released the lp Attach and Detach in 2009. A second lp was recorded; unfortunately the tapes were lost when the studio The Distillery, was shut down.

In 2008, she released a two disc DVD entitled "Life after Death" which was published by Cult Epics. The DVD contains various footage throughout her career including a live performance with Rozz Williams.

She has also performed/recorded with the experimental noise band +DOG+., hardcore punk band Ciril, Loopool, Goethe's Erben, Fucking Consumer, Bloody, Dead And Sexy, Dreadful Shadows. Her vocals/lyrics are featured on the electronica lp The Alpha Project, 1997.

In 2011, her surreal prose story The Blood was published by Poison Cabinet in Britain, in book form.

After the last European tour in 2011, Gitane put Crystelles on hiatus, in favor of focusing on vocal and solo work. Her new lp "The Reflecting Shadow" is the culmination of experiences taken from the past 14 years, which tested her survival skills as a human, artist, mother, friend, daughter, lover: the tales of this past are read into the songs on the album, which includes a booklet of lyrics. She is currently performing the album, released June 1st on French labels Manic Depression/ Alone Prod.on cd. A vinyl release is expected in the near future on Ad Nauseum Records, Hollywood, CA.

Gitane is also involved recording an lp for new project Hedone Tears, a collaboration with Jean-Paul Garnier (Loopool), and Syphillis Sauna. She plans to record a collection of dark jazz standards in the next year, while writing her next solo lp.

Official videos for "The Reflecting Shadow" are on youtube: "The Star" and "The Creep", created by Jean-Paul Garnier. Gitane's work is available digitally through CD Baby and I-tunes. 

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The Reflecting Shadow

Dark Cabaret-Heavenly-Experimental / Digipack - 9 tracks
(Manic Depression - MD028-AP08 )

01 The Star
02 Don't Look For Comfort [audio=audio/GitaneDemone.mp3]
03 Hospital Bed
04 The Creep
05 Crush
06 Undressed For Love
07 Dream Child
08 There Is A Man
09 L'Etoile


2013-06-01 : Gitane Demone: New solo album

Gitane Demone delivers a beautiful introspective album and gives a wide open window to her intimacy. Singing intimate words with a rare and shameless intensity, Ex Christian Death/ Demonix Diva imprints a particular strong ambiance to each song. The tailor-made music and arrangements gives a modern dark cabaret approach in the spirit of the «Dreamhome Hearthache» (with Rozz Williams), with a well balanced industrial touch...


A.D. Mana

Agent Side Grinder

Ain Soph Aur






Bleib Modern



Box and the Twins

Breathing of Bones

Camp Z

Christine Plays Viola

Crimson Muddle

Crying Vessel

Date at Midnight


Dead Astropilots


Dear Deer

Dividing Lines

Drama of the Spheres


Factice Factory

Fear Incorporated


Geometric Vision


Gitane Demone


In Memoria

Jacquy Bitch



Kentin Jivek

Kill Shelter


Les Tétines Noires

Living Temples

Logical Tears

Lotus Feed




My Great Blue Cadillac

Night Train To Nowhere

Noctule Sorix

Nova et Vetera


People of Nothing

Principe Valiente




Second Still

Secret Sight


She Pleasures Herself


Soul Stalker


The Agnes Circle


The Cemetary Girlz

The Doctors

The Insight

The Spoiled


Trouble Fait'

Twin Tribes

Veil of Light

Violet Stigmata

Visions in Clouds


Winter Severity Index

You, Vicious!

Zuruck Placenta

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