Manic Depression


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Ash Code
Post Punk / Wave

Dividing Lines
Death Rock / Punk

Winter Severity Index
Slanting Ray - reprint
Post Punk / Cold Wave

Butcher's Coin
Post-Punk / Dark-Wave


Manic Depression webshop is 1062 references among Manic Depression Records, and 81 other worldwide lalels, like Alone Prod, Strobelight, D-monic, Infrastition, Wave Records, Born Bad, Swiis Dark night, Pale Music, Str8line, Brouillard Dťfinitif, Other Voices, and many moreÖ

Cine Romance
Post-Punk / Dark-Wave

Dernier Sex
Haram / Neverless
Post-Punk / Dark-Wave

Jerusalem Syndrome
The Book Of Days
Post-Punk / Dark-Wave

What Two Left
Children Of The Sun Shall Wither + What Two Left EP
Post-Punk / Dark-Wave

No Man's Land
Garden Of Love
Post-Punk / Dark-Wave

Velvet Kills
Mischievous Urges
Post-Punk / Dark-Wave

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