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Post Punk / Darkgaze

Living Temples
Against the Day

Part Time Punks // Narrowed
Post Punk / Wave

Date at Midnight
Reverse Resilience
Post Punk / Goth


Manic Depression webshop is 1182 references among Manic Depression Records, and 92 other worldwide lalels, like Alone Prod, Strobelight, D-monic, Infrastition, Wave Records, Born Bad, Swiss Dark Nights, Pale Music, Str8line, Brouillard Définitif, Other Voices, and many more…

Bloody Dead And Sexy
Crucifixion, Please! (An incomplete guide to psychedelic Deathrock)
Post Punk / Goth

Box and the Twins
Everywhere I Go Is Silence + We Are Here To Make Mistakes (Live in Hamburg)
Post Punk / Goth

Descendants Of Cain
The Tao Of Wisdom And Misery
Post Punk / Goth

Le Prince Harry
Synthetic Love
Post Punk / Goth

Geometric Vision
Virtual Analog Tears
Post Punk / Goth

Imiafan + Dario Seraval
Against The Walls
Post Punk / Goth

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