Manic Depression
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  • The Spoiled - First album avalaible
  • Monographic, LP available now!"
  • Winter Severity Index new album "Human Taxonomy"
  • Date after Midnight new album on now!
  • Dead new album "Voices"
  • Ashcode new album "Posthuman"
  • ASCETIC "Everything is becoming" New album out now

The Spoiled
Post Punk / Noise Gaze

Winter Severity Index
Human Taxonomy
Post Punk / Cold Wave

Date At Midnight
Songs to fall and Forget
Post Punk / Goth


Manic Depression webshop is more than 400 references among Manic Depression Records, Alone Prod, Strobelight, D-monic, Infrastition, Wave Records, Born Bad, Pale Music, Str8line, Brouillard Définitif, Other Voices, and many more…

Elagabalus and the Solar cult
Post Punk / Goth

Christ Vs. Warhol
Post Punk / Goth

Huta Plastiku
Huta Plastiku
Post Punk / Goth

Between Parallel Lights
Post Punk / Goth

The Harrow
Post Punk / Goth

Autopsie D'Une Ombre
Autopsie D'Une Ombre
Post Punk / Goth



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